Nancy Lublin: It's time to end the "weird handshake" between funders and not-for-profits.
TNP 2014 Audience Award Winner: Kelly Corrigan
Julian Assange appeared at The Nantucket Project in the form of a LIVE hologram.
Larry Summers: "Our newly-minted corporate citizens should step up for the broader national interest."


The Nantucket Project is one of the world’s great gatherings, each year hosting preeminent thinkers, leaders and innovators in a wide range of fields.

We focus on the intersection of art and commerce – one fueled by passion, the other by reason. In every organization – whether it’s a business, a philanthropy or a creative endeavor – those two forces jostle to achieve the right balance.

In the process, values are determined. We believe TNP is the only event of its kind that rigorously examines those values.