Casey Neistat

Filmmaker Casey Neistat explains how the democratization of filmmaking led to his unlikely career as a filmmaker – a career that began one day while playing with a 2000 iMac DV in the trailer park where he was living. 

Equally fascinating is the story he tells of the making of his clever, low-budget movie, iPod's Dirty Secret, which caused Apple to change its iPod policy back in 2003.

Watch here. 

Casey Neistat is a filmmaker based in New York City. His 2010 self-titled television show called The Neistat Brothers, debuted on HBO. The series of eight episodes is made up of short stories about the lives of Casey and his brother, Van. The series, like much of his work, was produced, written, filmed and edited by Neistat himself. In 2003 his short film, iPod’s Dirty Secret, became nationally recognized for its criticism on Apple’s battery replacement program for the iPod and forced Apple to effectively change their policy. In 2011, he released a short film critical of NYC cycling laws, which also received national attention and forced a dialogue regarding such laws that was ultimately addressed by Mayor Bloomberg.

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