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The Nantucket Project 2012 - Twitterized - #TNP2012

@johnwoodRTR - Its not enough to say we're exceptional, we have to work harder and return to being as exceptional as we used to be - PeterThiel@ #TNP2012
- John Wood, Presenter and Founder Room to Read

@wadhwa - "At #tnp2012 panel with Senator John Kerry, NBC Pres Bob Wright, brilliant teenager @CarlysVoice discussing autism. Carly was awesome!"
- Vivek Wadhwa, Vice President of Academics and Innovation at Singularity University

 @drmichaelcrooke - "There is no problem that can not be solved with collective action and hope" Desh Deshpande #tnp2012     
- Dr. Michael Crooke: Former CEO, Pategonia, Inc. and Navy Seal

@Lara - The finest prayer is to create something...creating something from nothing is the highway to strategic happiness. - Ranan Lurie at #tnp2012
- Lara Setrakian, Foreign Correspondent & Founder, Syria Deeply

@thomasastewart -  The Nantucket Project (#tnp2011) extraordinary gathering: one of the best lineups of presenters and panelists ever.  
-Tom Stewart, Presenter and Chief Marketing and Knowledge Officer, Booz & Company

@stefanweitz -  ...amazing people and talks at #tnp2011.    
-Stefan Weitz, Participant and Director of Search, Microsoft