Founder, Cato Institute
Chairman & CEO, X PRIZE
46th Mayor of Chicago
Journalist, national correspondent for The Atlantic
Former Senate Majority Leader and Surgeon
President, Ariel Investments
Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine
Founder and CEO, Humin
Creator of the Segway PT, Founder of FIRST
Performance Poet
Founder, ESL Investments
Artistic Director, Redmoon
Former Navy SEAL, Author
Architect, designer, and author
Professor of English at Harvard University
Founder, Hello Health & The Future Well
Former Chairman & CEO of Oglivy & Mather
Co-Founder, Bluefin labs
Executive Chairman, Google
Chief Marketing and Knowledge Officer, Booz & Company
Former chief economist of the World Bank, Director of the National Economic Council, and Secretary of the Treasury
Director, The Lion King
Host of NPR's On Being
Founder, Celera Genomics & the Institute for Genomic Research and the J. Craig Venter Institute
Co-founder, Autism Speaks