Co-Founder and Director, Boston Scientific
Former Republican "superlobbyist," businessman and movie producer
TNP 2012 Emcee
Founder, Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab
Director, Google Ideas
President & CEO, Cleveland Clinic
Former CEO, Patagonia
President, Sparta Group LLC
Founder and CEO, Atlas Merchant Capital
CEO, Brave New Software Project
Author and Autism Advocate
Former Senate Majority Leader and Surgeon
Senior Political Analyst, CNN, Editor-at-large, US News and World Report
Author, "Stumbling on Happiness, and Prof. of Psychology at Harvard
founder & managing partner, Angelic Ventures, LP
Managing Director, Clarium Capital
TNP 2012 Moderator
Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine
Professor, Stanford University
Chair of AI at Singularity University
Founder and CEO, Humin
Co-founder and Chair, Michigan Corps
U.S. Senator for Massachusetts
Chair, Medicine Track at Singularity University, Exec Director, FutureMed
Executive VP, Rabobank
Founder, ESL Investments
Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership; Director, Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics
Editorial Cartoonist & Journalist
founding director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence
Host, Hardball with Chris Matthews
Founding Member, International Society for Stem Cell Research
International Economist & Author
Professor of English at Harvard University
Lobbyist & Conservative Activist
Co-founder, The Carlyle Group
Academy Award-Nominated Actor & Co-Founder, Water Defense
Director, Comparative Cognition Lab at Yale
Anchor And editor-at-large, Bloomberg Television
Executive Chairman, Google
Chief Digital Marketing Officer, Autism Speaks
Dean of Harvard's Faculty of Arts & Sciences
Co-founder, Open Video Alliance
Former chief economist of the World Bank, Director of the National Economic Council, and Secretary of the Treasury
PayPal founder, venture capitalist
Vice President, Academics and Innovation at Singularity University
Creator, Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha
Founder, Room to Read
Co-founder, Autism Speaks
co-founder, Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society