A Conversation with Greg LeMond

Greg LeMond is a three time Tour De France champion. From the mid 80’s to the early 90’s LeMond became an icon in the world of sports, a feat never accomplished by a cyclist.  You saw him on cereal boxes, restaurant advertising campaigns, as a guest on Johnny Carson, and visiting the white house.

During a hunting trip, LeMond was accidentally shot by a family friend in April of 1987 suffering 60 pellets into his back and right side, a nearly fatal injury.  After several surgeries, months of rehabilitation, and with 35 pellets still left in his body LeMond attempted to return to cycling in 1988.

Today LeMond’s name is less associated with being a champion cyclist, but more for his speaking out against doping in the professional cycling world.  In 2001 LeMond spoke out saying that he had inside knowledge of Armstrong’s use of PEDs to win the 2000 Tour De France. This statement triggered a storm of controversy not just in the world of cycling, but also within the general public.  

LeMond sits down with television producer and talkshow host Phil Donahue at TNP 2013.