2017 TNP Scholars Program

The TNP Scholars Program supports socially conscious leaders with purpose-driven ideas to reach their full potential. Each year, we choose 15 curious, humble and passionate innovators who are making a positive impact on society to be a part of the program.

Over the course of 12 months, Scholars are inspired with new ways of thinking, connected to a network of expert advisors and champions, and supported in developing and implementing their ideas through a curriculum of mentorship, instruction, workshops and friendship. Our goal is to accelerate Scholars’ efforts and deepen their impact. Upon completion of the program, Scholars will have developed meaningful connections, great storytelling skills, and received expert training in partnership building, fundraising, marketing, impact measurement, and more.

The TNP Scholars Program kicks off in September during TNP’s annual gathering on Nantucket. There, Scholars are introduced to each other, TNP leadership and speakers, and spend four days thinking, learning, collaborating, and bonding. The weekend on Nantucket is the catalyst for a year-long program. TNP Scholars develop their ideas by creating a clear and definitive work plan through five modules of exploration.

The TNP Scholars Program modules are:  

  • Storytelling | How to Tell Your Story
  • Whole Being | Who You Are & What You Stand For
  • Human Engagement | The Art of Partnership
  • Fundraising | How To Ask For Help
  • Measurement & Impact Evaluation | Goal-Setting and Impact Measurement

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