Accelerating Our Transition to a Renewable Future

The oil and gas industry has received $600 billion in government subsidies over the past sixty years. “What have we gotten in return?” asks Marco Krapels the self-described “not so evil banker.”  “Stable prices? A clean source of energy?” The answer, of course, is neither. In fact, electricity prices have increased by 600% over that timeframe. Krapels, along with his partners Mark Ruffalo and Mark Jacobson have prepared a passionate and interesting presentation that provides evidence suggesting the energy industry is approaching an inflection point driven by compelling environmental and economic forces.

Led by the presence of Academy Award nominated actor Mark Ruffalo (the so called “culture” component of the trio), the team crafts a three point argument as to way society must be weaned off of fossil fuels in the near term. By diving into the cultural, environmental and financial considerations of clean energy solutions, the team is able to make a realistic argument that change is possible as long as the right people are on board to help.

Ultimately, the team that doesn’t “want to talk about polar bears” finds themselves using scientific facts and financial incentives to create an inspired call to action from TNP audience members and viewers. “I want to thank the fossil fuel industry for 100 years of cheap energy” Ruffalo says as he concludes the presentation. Perhaps in 100 years, someone will be thanking him for the same.