Collective Intelligence: The Miracle of Human Progress

Doom or Boom?

The goal of The Nantucket Project is to convene leaders from a range of disciplines to explore the most relevant, cutting-edge ideas and examine the implications they have for culture, society and business. This year we’re framing discussions around the theme Collective Intelligence: The Miracle of Human Progress.  We’ll ask presenters and participants alike to consider “where we are, how we got here and where are we going?” Are we facing impending doom, or is the next boom right around the corner?

Equally important to the technical and subject-matter expertise our presenters bring to the dialogue, however, is our commitment to push those conversations past the comfort level that most people tend to have when taking part in these kinds of discussions. We want to create a forum which fosters serendipitous discoveries, gives rise to less-likely insights and uncovers the more complicated implications of their work and the contexts in which they operate.

Who knows what we’ll discover, but being there is the best way to find out.


Through roughly 15-20 individual presentations and candid discussions, speakers from an array of different fields will share personal moments of learning that have shaped and informed their worldview. All participants will be in one location, in an intimate and relaxed setting having a shared experience. Participants should expect to be enlightened and entertained in a setting that will satisfy all of their senses in unique and interesting ways. We will engage in a variety of formats with our presenters - from short talks, to conversations to short videos, unexpected performances and demonstrations. In other words, this is not your typical conference.